Golden Ridge High School

Education for Liberation

Welcome Message

Like many of our students here at Golden Ridge High School, I struggled adjusting to life as a teenager. I constantly questioned who I was and why I was here. I felt worthless. To escape from my insecurities I adopted a succession of masks that I thought would impress others. Those who were impressed by my games were never positive influences, and my behavior became more and more self-destructive.

My parents were all too aware of my struggles, but there was little they could do. I wouldn't listen. My situation continued to deteriorate until my parents decided to take action. They found a school that they hoped would help me to find my own way in the world and they chose to entrust my care to others.

While I resented being sent away, I soon realized that I was exactly where I needed to be. I initially tried to get others to join in my negative attitude, which some did bringing hefty consequences, fortunately most others chose to give me honesty instead of selling out.

Over time I began to actually listen to what my peers were saying, and I began to trust them. I began to trust myself. When I graduated, I reentered the world with a newfound sense of confidence and have since been very fortunate in my endeavors. Most importantly, I found a loving wife and partner to share my life and together we have four children. These experiences have all in some way created the inspiration for Golden Ridge High School. I feel that as we grow and are given opportunities, we need to share our journeys with others.

For me and so many others, life did not start out badly. I had loving parents and was given plenty of support, but somehow I lost my way. I created Golden Ridge High School to provide an opportunity for teenagers like me to find themselves again and to prepare for their future.

I have always based the culture here at Golden Ridge on the ideas of respect and understanding coupled with clear boundaries. Given the opportunity, I believe that most individuals will realize their full potential. It has been a privilege over the years to see teenagers and families find their confidence again, grow together and then move on with their lives.

Juma Deresu Malunga,
Founder Director

Our Mission

The mission of Golden Ridge High School is to empower our students, parents, teachers, and staff to create a school community where the needs of our students are supported by a high quality education. Golden Ridge High School will offer an environment that accommodates a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

Our Vision

We are committed to transforming the lives of our students by providing a rigorous curriculum that equips students with knowledge and skill that contribute to high levels of achievement. Our goal is to expand our students’ horizons through a variety of social, cultural, and educational activities.

The staff of Golden Ridge High School believe it is necessary to:

·    Establish a strong instructional program and service based environment.

·    Provide students with the foundation for lifelong learning.

·    Provide a comprehensive education which engages students in real world projects.

·    Illustrate to students the strength that results from a diverse population.

·    Offer a program designed to prepare students for the demands of a technology driven society.

·    Continually emphasize the mastery of all academic areas.