Golden Ridge High School

Education for Liberation

Honor Roll of Donors

Golden Ridge High would like to recognize those individuals and institutions that have made donations to the school during this school year. Countless individuals selflessly donate their time and money to GRHS. Thanks to their generosity, GRHS will be able to continue providing first-class educational and extracurricular opportunities for all its students.


1. World Care, USA.

The dorm will allow us to educate girls who have been prevented from continuing school, due to cultural and family pressures and the threat of early forced marriage. The dorms will accommodate nearly 100 young women—more female students than at any other high school in Geita District.

To oversee the dorm, GRHS will hire a matron or “dorm mother” — a local woman who the community will trust to look after the young women at the school. GRHS management has already identified several candidates for this job. The school will also offer mentor and tutor programs, parent outreach, and life skills training, to make sure our girl students have all the support they need to stay in school and succeed

Girl’s dormitory construction progress

Construction is nearly complete on our new girls’ dormitory at the Golden Ridge High School (GRHS) campus. The dorms will be completed very soon, in time for our first academic year 2011. The project would not have been possible without the generous donation World Care; thank you for your support.

2. Read International - UK

This is a charity (NGO) that aims to improve access to education in East Africa by collecting school textbooks and children’s literature from primary and secondary schools throughout the UK, sorting through the books and sending the most relevant, up-to-date, and high quality ones to schools in Tanzania and Uganda.

Read International donated about 3000 books and established a school library.

3. Cameron Clayton - Golder Associates.

Donated 3 laptop computer and 300 used books from Canada.